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“Choosing the right pillow supports the neck and enhances comfort during sleep”

A scientifically designed spondylosis pillow by Dr. Pathrose Parathuvayalil.

NECK-FLIX cervical memory foam neck pillows provide 180-degree support to the cervical spine preventing torsion of the neck during sleep. This will relax neck muscles and relieve spasms, thereby reducing neck pain.

A perfect orthopedic pillow for neck pain. Useful for those who suffer from neck pain and also to reduce the risk of neck pain.

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Neckflix Pillows – Unboxing


  • Suitable in Cervical Spondylosis for pain relief.
  • For back and side sleepers, Neck-Flix provides adequate support to the neck which helps to hold the neck in proper balance even during sleep.
  • Ideal cervical pillow for neck pain that improves posture and your level of confidence.
  • Eases tiredness and stress, giving a relaxed feeling.


  • Support to the back and side sleepers
  • Helps to keep your spine straight
  • Reduce the risk of neck pain
  • Clinically tested and safe to use the material.
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 6 reviews
 by Satish324

Seriously man, if you have neck pain give this pillow a try. It might just change your life.I highly recommend it.

 by Maria Francis

I've been suffering from neck pain for years and have tried just about every pillow under the sun. But this one is a game changer! Not only does it keep my neck perfectly aligned, but it's also super soft and fluffy. Plus, my husband can't stop stealing it from me because it's so comfortable.

 by Tisha Antony

The pillow is very well made and the materials used are of high quality. It is also very comfortable to use and I find that I wake up feeling well rested and refreshed in the morning.

 by Firoz Mohamed

Prior to using this pillow, I would wake up with a sore neck and headaches almost every morning. Since using this pillow, I have been able to sleep through the night without any pain or discomfort. All thanks to neckflix

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